Propagate Fuchsia Tip Cuttings

Mini Propagator

Any large jar with clear glass and a threaded lid will be suitable for this purpose. Place the mini propagator in bright light but not direct sunlight. Do not place it too close to any heat source, e.g. radiators etc. Insufficient natural daylight will produce weak and drawn cuttings which will then render the resultant plants useless. Try to maintain an ambient temperature of 55°F (13°C) to 65°F (18°C). There is every chance that condensation will form within the propagator, but under strict supervision this will be beneficial for tip cuttings. It is recommended that the inside of the jar is wiped dry every two or three days to prevent the cuttings from ‘damping off’. They should not require further watering until they have actually rooted.

Do Not Administer Any Fertilizer!

Diagram Showing Mini Propagator

This form of propagator will hold several very small pots or one larger pot. To give an indication that they have rooted, the cuttings will look fresh and the very tip of each one will have begun to develop new growth. In ideal conditions they should root within approximately three weeks. Expose the young plants to fresh air gradually (it will take several days).

Do not leave the rooted cuttings in the propagator longer than necessary. Once they have produced an adequate root system, either transplant them individually into 2½” (60mm) pots or treat two or three rooted cuttings as one plant and pot them into a 3½” (90mm) pot and provide protection from very cold temperatures.

Do not forget to place a name label with the cuttings!