Parts Of A Fuchsia

Diagram Showing Parts Of A Fuchsia Flower

Looking at the diagram should help to identify the various parts of the fuchsia flower. All fuchsia flowers, whether single, semi–double or double, consist of these basic components.

Why Fuchsias?

An Article By The Late Leo Boullemier

To the beginner or novice, this strange searching question is easily answered. The fuchsia is one of the most outstanding plants for a continuous summer display, whether under glass or out in the open.

Not only do they flower freely, but the number of cultivars, running into thousands and purchased for a very modest figure, can be trained in ways almost legion.

Fuchsias are easy to cultivate. Any good, fertile, soil will suit them and given moist conditions and atmosphere, they will flourish to near perfection.

Cuttings, provided the conditions are right, may be taken at any time of the year and will root easier than most plants. A greenhouse is not necessary for its cultivation. Laden with delicate and elegant blooms, whether grown as a bush, standard, trailing or in baskets, the fuchsia is one of the most graceful of all plants.

Probably the real reason why so many enthusiasts cultivate the fuchsia is by asking another question, what other plant needs so little attention and yet produces such satisfying results.