Growing Fuchsias As A Hobby

Time spent in the garden is generally recognised as being therapeutic. It has a tendency to take ones mind off any trivial problem that is a concern at that particular time.

Joining a specialist club or society will enhance each person’s ability to obtain the knowledge required to make more of a success of this magnificent hobby. There will be the opportunity to make new friends who will also have similar interests. Hopefully this will encourage more individuals to enter into a local specialist show where admirers come to see what is possible to achieve with whatever plants are on display.

For this reason we would certainly recommend growing fuchsias as a specialist subject.

Whether fuchsias are the single, semi–double or double variety, they come in many combinations of colours. All blooms should have four sepals. Singles must have four petals and doubles must have eight or more (semi–doubles may have more than four petals but less than eight).

They are one of the easiest plants to manage due to their capability to root easily from cuttings and survive in a wide variety of growing medium. Whether one chooses to grow them in a peat or loam based compost, they don’t seem to mind, providing great care is taken to ensure they are not over–watered. Certain pot grown fuchsias will benefit with protection from frosts etc.

Fuchsia plants can also be trained in many shapes including bush, shrub, espalier, pillar, fan, pyramid and standard. For those who wish to display hanging baskets, there are many trailing cultivars to choose from. Some of the more vigorous varieties may also be trained to ‘climb’ by attaching them to a supporting frame such as a trellis or pergola.

For those who wish to grow fuchsias in the garden, there are many hardy varieties to choose from that are capable of surviving average winter conditions. Those that are recommended by the British Fuchsia Society for positioning in the garden have been exposed to the elements for numerous years before being granted the status of ‘Hardies’. Given the right treatment, not only will they survive for many years, but fuchsias will contribute pleasure for many months of each year with their impressive display of elegant blooms.