Growing Fuchsias Indoors

It must be said that fuchsias do not like the conditions found in the average house, especially during the winter months.

They do not survive more than a few weeks when kept under these conditions. The atmosphere is far too dry for their liking. The first sign of their discomfort is when the flower buds begin to drop, followed shortly afterwards with their leaves.

Many, many years ago the fuchsia stood a better chance of survival in the home because they were not confronted by a dry atmosphere caused by central heating. In those early days most plants were placed near the window in a room that was occasionally heated by a coal fire.

If fuchsia plants are placed on a gravel tray that has been dampened by the occasional drop of water, then their chances of survival are slightly improved. The increased humidity surrounding them will give fuchsias the type of atmosphere they appreciate.

A rotation programme could be organized whereby no one plant is in the stressful situation of being indoors for a prolonged period.

The overall verdict: not a good idea to have them indoors!