Encliandra Fuchsias

The following are to be used as a guide only in classes so designated in any show organized by Solent Fuchsia Club.

Encliandra Type

Angel’s Kisses Ariel Brian Breary
Fiona Pitt Gina Bowman Jiddles
Just Pink Karen Isle Katinka
Little Cat Bells Lottie Hobby Loxhore Lullaby
Marlies de Keijzer Microchip Mieke Sarton
Mrs Lee Belton Nicki Fenwick-Raven Obcylin
Oosje Oulton Empress Oulton Red Imp
Oulton Travellers Rest Radings Gerda Radings Inge
Radings Michelle Siberoet Snowflake
T.S.J. Waldfee

Encliandra Species

F. cylinracea F. microphylla ssp. aprica
ssp. hemslyana ssp. hidlegensis F. obconica
F. thymifolia ssp. minimaflora ssp. thymiflolia

This brief description was found in an old book, A Fuchsia Survey by W.P. Wood:

‘The following have small flowers, free flowering, thin wiry but erect growth. They are known in cultivation as the Breviflorae section’.

hemsleyana (Costa Rica)
Fairly tall. Leaves; elliptic to ovate, obtuse. Flowers; rose to purplish.

microphylla (Mexico)
Tall, densely branched. Leaves; lance-oblong to elliptic, sharply serrulate, coriaceous. Flowers; deep red. There appear to be some variations.

thymifolia (Mexico)
Small to medium sized shrub. Leaves; elliptic-ovate to round ovate, obtuse to acute at top. Flowers; white to pink. This description agrees with some plants grown under microphylla in this country.