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Have you ever needed to carry a flower in your car, perhaps after buying ti, selling it, giving it to a friend or showing it? Too many times, no matter how well you pack the pot it ends up on it's side with soil, and your precious fuchsia, spilled out. You need something more stable and here is where a potholder comes in.

Making one is simple. Take a pot (not your best one!) which is large enough for your purposes. Earthenware is best but if plastic is all you have then fill it with soil sand or gravel. This will hold it rigid.

You then need a container to cast a concrete base in. The exact dimensions are up to you. An old biscuit tin may be best or you may have to knock a wooden one together. Either way, lining it with plastic sheeting will make it easier to get your casting out - I use old shopping bags.

Mix up a bag of readimix. Most garden centres, DIY shops or builders' merchants will stock this. Put a couple of inches in the container, put your pot on top of it then pour in more concrete until you have a block of sufficient depth - as a rule of thumb six inches upwards should be enough. You may have to put a small piece of cardboard under it to stop the concrete getting into the pot if there is a drain hole at the bottom.

sketch of pot set in concrete

Leave the concrete to set until it is rigid but not fully hardened. Twist the pot to and fro gently to loosen it then lift it out. You will then be left with a hole that a pot can sit in securely.

Leave the concrete to harden off completely before removing it from the container. Alternatively, if you do use a biscuit tin you could leave it in it.

Painting the concrete block with diluted PVA adhesive will cut down any dust that may mess your car up.

You now have a stable pot holder that you can transport with confidence. Putting pots into plastic bags can help prevent them from getting scratched and if the pot is smaller than the hole some newspaper packing should suffice.

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