The aim of this web site is primarily to assist amateur and novice fuchsia fans and growers to further develop their interest in, and knowledge of, fuchsias – these beautiful garden plants with such elegance and amazing variety of colour and shape of flower – by providing information and links re specialist suppliers, growing and cultivation, fuchsia clubs, societies, etc.

With the advent of the new growing season, the ‘Diary’ is featuring strongly again.

We also provide new insights into fuchsia lovers’ “shopping list” priorities – see new page – as the growing, and for some, showing, season gets under way.

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‘Pink Fantasia’
(photo by courtesy
of Dave Down at
Plympton Show 2000)

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Some key national and international web sites are:

1) The British Fuchsia Society at: www.thebfs.org.uk

2) Fuchsia Research International (F.R.I.): www.FuchsiaResInt.org
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Dear ‘The fuchsia’ Browser,

Thank you for visiting this website, which is produced and run by, and primarily for, amateur and novice Fuchsia lovers (with the benefit, I hasten to add, of some very experienced advice from Derek Luther – see ‘Diary’ page).

The site commenced operations on 2 April 2000, and has
clocked up over 10,000 visits in this time – and approx.1500 in February 2001 alone.

‘The fuchsia’ is being updated on approximately a weekly basis at present, and it is hoped that the site will become more and more useful as a fast and easy to use point of reference for all fuchsia lovers – but especially for amateurs and novices like myself.

There are, as I discovered when I decided to launch my site, a host of really good sites already in existence. Such sites often cater for the whole range of backgrounds, from the beginner like ‘yours truly’ through to the very experienced and professional fuchsia fan, who is likely to attend fuchsia shows, and perhaps exhibit at them. These sites, whatever their scope and emphasis, often contain much valuable information for the novice. So, rather than ‘re-invent the wheel’ on any particular topic, where appropriate, we link you in directly to such knowledgeable sites.

As mentioned above, our primary aim is to help other amateurs and novices find whatever they want: to further develop their interest in, and knowledge of, the world of fuchsias, quickly and easily. Do check, for example, our specialist suppliers list (nearly 50) on the ‘Suppliers’ page, and the immediate access to over 800 photos from the ‘Photos’ page. Our pages now have over 500 links to other places, pages and sites, and the number is growing all the time.

If ‘The fuchsia’ helps you to find what you want in the world of fuchsias, please tell another fuchsia friend/lover. Also, as mentioned above, the site is being constantly added to and further developed, so please pay us a repeat visit soon and see what you think of the way we are progressing.

May I just mention that I have been advised that a number of specialist fuchsia nurseries have ceased trading in 2000 (last year) – the names that I am aware of are Burnside, Fenland, Gouldings and Porthveor. This is sad to see, and I would particularly draw all fuchsia lovers’ attention to the article on the Articles page, entitled ‘Use Them or Lose Them’ (Item 6 in table under Section 2).

To conclude on a positive note, I wish you all a very happy and successful time with your fuchsia activities this year.